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Red, Blue & Black o-rings arrive at KeyboardCo
« on: Wed, 02 July 2014, 07:24:29 »

One of the easiest ways to modify the feel of your keyboard is to add o-rings around the stem of each keycap. These provide a softer landing for each key, reducing the travel distance and muffling the ‘clack’ sound that happens when you bottom out.

There are a couple of key attributes of each o-ring: thickness and hardness. In general:

  • A thicker ring will reduce key travel more than a thinner ring.
  • A softer ring will make a switch quiet more effectively than a harder ring.

We’ve recently added three o-ring sets to our store. Each set comes with 125 o-rings, allowing you to outfit a full keyboard and have a few spares left over as well:

For more details, visit the links above or read the full article on our blog:
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