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Djinni Series MCU Boards - M.2 Swappable MCU Board for easy Design/Upgrades


King Icewind:


The Green Djinni is the first board of a series of Djinni MCU boards designed for

-Easier and quicker designing of keyboard PCBs
-Reduced BOM for keyboard PCBs
—Nearly every PCB can be upgraded to a new Djinni such as a Blue Djinni (Bluetooth; board is near completion), or Red Djinni (more flash memory) along with future versions
-Various M2 connector heights allow either fairly low profile keyboards or use with MX/Choc hot swap connectors
-Works with Kailh Choc and MX key spacing

Just to note: these were ordered from Oshpark, hence the purple board. Production versions PCB colors will be the same as the name (Green Djinni = Green board, Blue Djinni = Blue board)

I still need to assemble these and do initial testing. I have three different keyboards designed that will utilize the Djinni. So, I am excited to begin testing.

Green Djinni specs:

Microcontroller: STM32F302RBTx - Cortex M4 72mHz
Flash: 128KB
I/O pins: Max 45
3.3V Regulator along with 3.3v out to mainboard
Piezo Buzzer

I will post back with future updates or to answer posts.


Additionally, I have a separate series of boards that also utilizes a M2 connector for RGB controllers. These boards have the same benefits and dimensions of board as the Djinni Series. The board is designed but waiting on a prototype to arrive. More info on that soon.

Sounds wondeful!
Will keep an eye on this project.


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