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I noticed that nearly all cherry/switch stabilizers require a PCB cut out under the spacebar for the wires to be inserted, but regular costars do not.



Does EVERY keyboard with switch stabilizers need this cut out? Are there keyboards out there that are able to insert the wire without the need for this cut out, and if not why?
Would this cut out serve issues with dust/grease/grime getting into the PCB and causing issues?

Is it necessary to lubricate my ink blacks? I was wondering if lube could make a more thocky keyboard. If so, how much more? Would it be best to get ink black or silent ink black?

I have the HyperX Alloy FPS Pro. It has a braided wire that can plug in and out of the keyboard.

Sometimes when I lift up my keyboard/flip it in a different orientation it turns off for an instant and then immediately turns back on with the windows unplug and plug sound. For the most part the USB is snug between my laptop and the keyboard.

Is this normal, and if not what kind of issue might this imply? Is it ok as long the keyboard works perfectly fine when sitting normally?

Will a keyboard work fine regardless of how bent the wire is? For example the cable running from the keyboard is pushed against a surface and is slightly bent with little space to "move."

Would a keyboard work fine this way, or would doing this break the cable somehow, and if so in what way? What gets damaged and won't make connectivity work when a wire is bent/stressed?

A single bend in a cable is not a problem, if you keep bending and straightening it the wires inside will snap and the connection will be lost.

As to the plugging and unplugging it that sounds like the cable fits in a USB port on the board?  If so you're putting too much pressure on it (maybe the cable is heavy) if you do this too much the port will break and you'll have to take the keyboard apart and replace the port.


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