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Bought the IBM PC-AT 84-key from goodwill

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Astra Diesel:
Clean and heavy. Luckily, a ps/2 converter adapter is already atached to the tip of the original connecter Unfortunately the number "five" key (not in the numeral pad) and the "plus equal sign" key, also not in the numeral pad does not work. Otherwise, I am loving this keyboard. Anyway is there ANY way fix the two keys? Here is how it sounds when I click on the key. Other keys that work will give me a distinctive "click" sound, and the number five and plus/equal sign key do not make any noise, maybe strange murmur of plastic hitting the bottom?

The keyboard cord is very long, and coiled at the middle. Where do I find the date of its manufacturing?

More testing for sure.

Astra Diesel:
Whew, thank goodness. I popped off the 5 key and +/= sign key and replaced the key again, and they work.

So I went to two thrift stores today, and the this was a diamond in the rough.

Nice!  Congrats. :)

Astra Diesel:
Thank you zerogravitas. I enjoy seeing your avatar.

I won't repeat what everyone already said in the threads about their Model M's, but I'm sure this is pretty similar to the model M. The pc-at iis pretty hefty and will not move around when I'm typing. The keys are not wobbly at all, and the tactility is mind blowing. This is my first keyboard away from three membranes:
1. Apple Design Keyboard, makes my fingers go numb.
2. Wireless Logitech cordless express desktop (creepy piece of engineering by the way; my neighbor's wifi signals seem to possess it and when I'm writing, it would get a mind of its own. Add the microwave machine, the TV antenna, and some I would be pulling my hair out.),
3. and a HP Multimedia keyboard, with these stupid chiclet keys embedded near the top edges of the keyboard so I can FAX, and press the entertainment key so I can CHECK ON THE LATEST SPORTS STATS AND ENTERTAINMENT NEWS,

Very nice.  We MUST SEE PICS!!!  ;)

I suggest a tear down and a good cleaning.  Those keyboards can get quite nasty inside.


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