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Just got an Apple Keyboard (M0116) cleaned and put back together.  Feels great.  iMav's discernment helped me to the conclusion that these are pink ALPS switches.  They sure looked tan to me.

They are a little louder than the white ALPS in the AE2 (M3501) but there is also a little more feel in them.  This keyboard layout is going to drive me nuts, I can tell already.  From the CAPS LOCK key (all the way lower left) to the arrow key placement, and I haven't even approached the subject of no function keys.  BUT...I love the size, and I love having my (I know most of the rest of you think it is a waste of space) numeric keypad!  I already have DoubleCommand going so I can have a forward delete key.  Liking that.

Comparisons to the AE2:
[*] Pink Alps vs. White Alps
[*] A little more tactile
[*] A little more aural (although not clicky)
[*] more narrow (no middle block of function keys between keypad and alphapad.
[*] No height adjustment.  AE2 has height adjustment, Apple Keyboard does not.
I love the size and the pink alps are really nice.  I doubt I could get used to this layout though.

Wikied as soon as I can post the pics.

I just got a Macally MK96 and I really like it a lot. It has the function keys and it has white Alps, which I really like, and they are new in the box on eBay for $10!

I know I haven't posted anything on it yet, including pictures, but I will soon. This keyboard is really comfortable, but I haven't used the SMK85 with it's black sliders since I got this one. I'll do that soon as well.

Whiskey in the Jar-o:
Maxi sliders (what are those?), but be quick!

I've seen those befopre and I've heard they are pretty good, so I have been thinking of trying them but they keyboard that use them all are so ugly, it's like they're xsphat repellent.


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