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Keyboard of the Month 2020 - January - Poll


We made it! Thank you everyone for your nominations, we made it to the magic number of three, and have three great boards for you to cast your eyes over.

First up, Dantambok's TGR Jane V2

One other shot is here

Second we have Pings' Southpaw extended 65% board

Cool build thread is here

And last but not least is Ninjapirate's Aperture Norbaforce/87u hybrid topre build

Originally posted here

As per usual you have seven days to vote on your favourite! Good luck!


As I can't decide, I asked two of my work colleagues which board they would choose hoping they would vote the same, but no.
Now I will have to think about it  :rolleyes:

Three good looking and very usable boards - tough choice.


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