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[GB] ⭐️ KAT Space Dust ⭐️[Status: Production done - awaiting shipping] ⭐️

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Just an update that all the kits have been manufactured and packaged at the end of December.
They're just awaiting shipping to vendors at this stage, so I won't have any further updates on ETAs given the variabilities in shipping times, but presumably late Q1 or early Q2?
Remember to contact your regional vendors to update your address if it's changed.

Pics of keycaps:

Holy **** they look incredible

Slight delay in shipping as per manu:
"I spoke with the production manager to understand the reason for this delay: during the last spot check, it was discovered that the R1-1U directional keys had the wrong color. The quality inspectors thought the color was a bit too red, so they asked the production department to remake these keycaps. They need to unpack and replace the problematic keycaps. The production manager has promised me that all rework will be completed by January 11"
[image ref:]

Given the long journey this GB has been, I honestly wouldn't mind getting caps with the wrong color match if it meant no more delays. But still, you guys' commitment to send out a perfect product is always impressive and much appreciated.

Aberrant keys were corrected.
Production is now officially complete 🎉
Shipping has commenced (some have departed the factory, some are awaiting lorry pick-up)

Contact your vendor to update your address for the order if it's changed.

Once again we appreciate everyone's incredible amount of patience with this production, and apologetic that we couldn't find an avenue to accelerate it further. Never did we expect estimated timelines to be so delayed.
Now we just have to endure the last agonising stretch of waiting!
Album of the keycaps produced if you can't be bothered browsing the rest of this thread or the discord server:


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