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[GB] ⭐️ KAT Space Dust ⭐️[Status: Production done - awaiting shipping] ⭐️

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The production shots look great, even the striped space bars which I was expecting to be odd. Fingers crossed for uneventful shipping...

The spacebar accents in particular look amazing in the photos. I didn't order them during the GB, and I think the extras of that particular kit are going to fly as soon as they are available.

Here's some nice photos by @theknottypanda for those waiting:

Here's 2 more by @keyreative_keycaps

Sorry to hear about the shipping delays for certain regions. Some of it was due to communication delays in shipping quotes.
Do keep an eye out for extras when they do get listed.

Please note that if the kit (mainly the alphas) is meant to have a spacebar, sometimes it's not in the tray itself, but in a separate bag taped outside of it. So double check your packaging if you can't find it. This has happened to other KAT/KAM sets.

Has anyone else noticed missing keys from their sets or just me? I just started finally putting mine on a board and already found a key missing from the first row:

Looks like it's in your picture on the bottom right, just upside down.


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