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No, different key. I counted, it's definitely missing a key.
I also just counted the Area 51 kit, it's also missing a cap, but it's going to be a f**king nightmare to work out which one with this set.

And the space bars kit is missing 2.75u, this is ridiculous

OK I counted again, it's 53 keys. I mis-counted by 1, Area 51 kit is OK. And the Galileo kit was OK. But both space bars and alienese kits are definitely missing keys. So I would encourage everyone to double-check their sets. It's a pain in the arse with the weird symbols but 2 out of 4 sets missing keys is pretty poor QC.

Spacebar kit contents:

the response from Keygem:

--- Quote ---Hello,
we will try to get replacements from the manufacturer but so far he does not reply.
Kind Regards
--- End quote ---

..which suggests they're already trying to follow up for other issues. The space bars I can see being a one-off mistake but the Alienese trays I expect would apply to everyone who purchased them since the provided trays are 1u too small to fit all the keys. I double-checked but it's definitely not included in any of the other set trays.


--- Quote from: nathanchere on Wed, 27 March 2024, 10:08:46 ---Has anyone else noticed missing keys from their sets or just me?

--- End quote ---

not saying it's just you but i got one of those. iirc one key was in a small zip bag somewhere, if i am not confusing it right now. been a few weeks.


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