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[GB] ⭐️ KAT Space Dust ⭐️[Status: Production done - awaiting shipping] ⭐️

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Nice, off to a great start!
And I gotta say, the orion kit is amazing. With two alpha kits you can cover two boards and don't run into any trouble outfitting larger thumb clusters like Kyrias. All the power to novelty text mods :)
Plus, the colors, artwork, illustrations and fonts used are amazing and tie the theme together so well. Just added a few extras and placed my order. Looking forward to it, glws!

Curiosity [Space KAT]
Excited to reveal this awesome artisan collab with Clackeys that will be released this Friday!
Going live tomorrow at 9:00am PST, it's a limited edition GB


Some features during liftoff include:
    NEW Curiosity shape keycap design
    KAT Spacedust colorway
    1x Galaxy Glitter Visor
    2x magnetic yarn balls (compatible with Apollo)
    RGB shine-through & fiber optics (RGB)
    Clear front paws (RGB)
    Clear Oxygen Tube (RGB may vary)

This is fancy

Have put my order in 👍 Enough to cover way too many a few keyboards...
Have there any samples of the multi-coloured novelties? They're what I think will be the biggest challenge.


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