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--- Quote ---so the specific case of a designer self fulfilling a project and bailing on his minimal duties does not deserve community awareness since he's not technically a vendor?
--- End quote ---
1. Community awareness is established through this thread and the Reddit post. The Reddit thread was done at a relevant time during the fulfillment.
2. MK Trust and Safety is a rating system to determine the trustworthiness for a vendor to complete a group buy fully. It is not a system intended to rate vendors on anything other than that. It's not a system to rate designers on anything other than that. The purpose was clear when it was created that it is not a rating of vendors or designers themselves. The system does not also force rate vendors or designers except in extreme cases. For example there are talks about force rating Rama Works.

--- Quote ---of course it's the user's fault for expecting something absolutely minimal and basic for a board this price which was widely advertised and hyped as something "to not sleep on" by many highly regarded creators in the hobby. the board was either badly designed or manufactured using wrong/outdated cad files, it is NOT a matter of expectations. the board is FLAWED however you try to put it. it CANNOT be built the way it was intended to be, factually.
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You are quoting out of context for the sake of your argument. You yourself stated, "For all intents and purposes, the FnF board could be considered a distinct board with similar aesthetics." I recommended the board based on my experiences with the FnF board as well as the prototype. I further stated that there was either a mistake in the CNC process or the final design files. I also stated that the board is flawed. I don't know why you are still acting as if this hasn't been stated.

--- Quote ---this is the absolute bare minimum and I'm appalled we're being told that this is one of the reasons no one is talking about this situation anymore. also "delivered" yes, but how?
--- End quote ---

Again, I'm discussing in good faith. I'm not quite sure what you're after here. The PSA was not silenced on any platform and this thread serves as a long term place of discussion. You've stated that you want a PSA about the issue, but you made the PSA. Here and on Reddit.

--- Quote ---I'm not targeting you individually let's be clear, cw had many more connection going on in the hobby with people that facilitated the financial success of his GB and went equally radio silent, I'm just honestly shocked at the reasons why everyone is ignoring the situation (or dismissing it as speculation lmao).
--- End quote ---

You continuously quote that I said, "Don't sleep on this." It comes off as targeted. I'm also the only one still engaging in discussion about the flaws in this board. I'm not some great keyboard influencer. I'm just a guy that's been in this hobby for a very long time, that loves keyboards and the community. I had a good experience with a FnF and proto unit, so I recommended it. Not much more to say there. The connections in the hobby part is a little more of a tinfoil hat theory. Dude had what was perceived as a good product via the FnF/Proto units during the absolute height of the hobby where FOMO reigned supreme. You could spit in a jar call it Krytox69 and someone would have bought it. There isn't some sort of keyboard shadow council or anything lol.

--- Quote ---I just hope that if he ever takes the unfortunate decision of coming back and trying to sell another $600-700 board, the whole influencer section of the hobby will point out his utter unreliability.
--- End quote ---

I can tell you that he wouldn't be able to market it on any official platforms until all issues regarding this group buy were resolved. That is what the goal of the MK Trust and Safety team is. 


--- Quote from: Cobertt on Fri, 26 January 2024, 09:04:00 ---...
But to your point about MK Trust and Safety I have two things that should be worth mentioning overall.

--- End quote ---

I have never once mentioned your pet project but don't let that stop you from giving us a one-page brief, you should lookup who's who in this thread and answer accordingly.

As you could see from my link to a /r/MechanicalKeyboards post, a guy asked if no official announcement about CW was in order where he was responded with a link to CWs throwaway account where CW promised to make everything right. Quite the power move to create a throwaway account, as they couldn't use their old ones because "reasons", and make empty promises which then blocks any further actions on the platform. Instead of having an official announcement (it's been 9 months, it aint happening) where then a vendor maybe could offer compatible PCBs at cost/a small markup or the community organically could come together and make a fix/PCB. I don't say that that will happen but guess we will never know and I am expecting too much of /r/MechanicalKeyboards. I don't really expect a response; I just wanted to see if this sounded as stupid written down as it did in my head, and it did.

--- Quote from: Cobertt on Tue, 30 January 2024, 08:23:51 ---I'm also the only one still engaging in discussion about the flaws in this board.

--- End quote ---

You keep saying this but the fact of the matter is that you are only here now because someone, not me, called you out personally (or your pet project) even though you "knew" these replacements wouldn't happen months ago. It is not like you ever volunteered any information, let alone help/broker with your friend CW with this mess of a GB, unless you were called out.

Unfortunately, you seem to be deliberately obtuse, not seeing how bad this looks. But I'm not the only one who publicly holds that belief. Anyway, I'll get out of your hair now as nothing fruitful will ever come out of pointing out the bad optics involved and you going "What do you expect me to do? I was holding out hope as well. Have I told you about my pet project?" back and forths.

Also, a cursory glance shows you are referencing at least four different persons when doing your paperdoll arguments so please do a pass on your posts and attribute your quotes to the right persons. If for nothing else, do it for your own sake, so you know who you're arguing with and about.

Again, CW have been active on Geekhack ever since the PSA: CruelWorld 60 has unexcusable design flaws post and are free to chime in at any time.

what a **** show... cw just admit you ****ed up, I sent you hot sauce man

"Replacement PCBs still nowhere to be seen from CruelWorld" is the latest Reddit post about the flawed design of the CW60, where we learn that CW doesn't even answer emails anymore, but surely he will produce and distribute PCBs and DB shims for every GB participant :thumb:.

I have reached out to them by mail and on Geekhack, where they seem to be most active, and will update with developments, or lack thereof.


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