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buying keycaps off aliexpress?

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Actually you can find anything you want in China's local marketplaces and Aliexpress is the only you know cuz it faces to buyers outside China. Learn Chinese and go to taobao/xianyu/jd/pdd to look for what you need is the final solution :D

Chrie Liner:
That website requires a certain degree of identification and cannot guarantee 100% delivery. I was deceived once.

I have never had an issue with purchasing of ali, i have many gmk sets and clone sets that i got from ali, because i missed out, and I feel some of the good stores, like kbdfans their quality is really nice and even some of the stores i have purchased you $20 sets are not bad also. I only had 1 issue with one set I purchased.

its plastic. if you set your standards low enough its very hard to be disappointed by em.


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