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Pure white blank key caps for ISO-layout?

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I was really impressed with the look of the engraved white key caps and would like to get something similar. Right now I'm waiting for my Filco TKL to arrive.

The problem is that I use the ISO-layout and if I were to get engraved keys I'd like to get them with Swedish letters. Of course noone manufactures anything like that, probably not financially viable. But I'd be just as happy with blank white caps. I've spotted some blank ANSI keys on taobao but no ISO ones.. Are they even manufactured?

F u r u y :
ISO blanks only in black (KeyboardCo - FKB105/88).

I want so much the pure white ones though that I'm willing to get an ANSI set and just let the missing keys stock and find a solution later. The big problem is the ISO Enter key. Maybe SP can make them? Clear specifications of the key are needed though.

If you don't restrict to ISO keycaps, there's a lot of options in ebay, taobao and wasd (please let me know if there are other places). But some Cherry looks more like light gray or grimy white. KBC seems to be more a clean white.
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well WASD keyboards will start stocking ISO layout soonish.

F u r u y :
can't wait to get my hands on those. I hope they'll have pure white blank keys.

he already does. all his caps are blank that how you can get what ever design you want on them.


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