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White 105 keycaps for UK Filco?

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As the title, where can i find a set of 105 keycaps for a filco keyboard in white? Dont want pad printed really, want something a bit more durable.

Cant seem to find much around that is viable to be shipped to the UK :(.

Any suggestions are appreciated :D

Anyone? All i find is 104 keysets for white... incredibly annoying when i need 105 lol

Easiest solution is get cheap Cherry G81 keyboard and take its keys. Sometimes you can still get new old stock with doubleshot keycap for a decent price. Look for model thats like g81-****H**GB. Or if laser etched is ok subsitute L for H when looking at model number.

F u r u y :
I too am looking for an 105 white engraved keycap set!

Where can we find those?

I've seen some posts mentioning Tao Bao but I have no idea how to shop there.

Also I was thinking about that 104 PBT white engraved set (in group buys) and then buy separately just the one missing key but I have no clue whether that is viable.

F u r u y :
I guess that the solution (not the easiest) for us poor owners of an ISO 105 key is get these, an extra blank key and an individual smaller left-Shift that will fit our Filco. I guess that that would be the hardest part (the left-Shift).
[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 24082[/ATTACH]
[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 24081[/ATTACH]

The dream would be PBT white engraved (ISO 105 keys - UK layout).


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