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G80-3000 keycaps


Does anyone know if it's possible to buy individual keys (keycaps) for a (light gray) Cherry G80-3000, that exactly match the original ones?

I've been trying to find a particular layout / switch combo that is out of stock everywhere, so I was thinking about getting a different layout (with the right kind of switches) and then simply replacing some (around 22) of the keycaps, but I'd like them to match the original ones as closely as possible.

It's always possible, but not necessarily easy or inexpensive. What are you after that you can't find specifically?

I've got a bag of caps from a G80-8100 that i just shot in the head, but I'd call them more "beige" than "light grey."

I'm assuming that you're looking for something a little more difficult to find than a typical US or DE layout?


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