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Availability of a 6GV2 Engraved Set?


So I've been searching the past few days for a full set of engraved keycaps for the 6Gv2. Snooping around I found a full 7G set (picture). But of course backspace and the right shift of the 7G are incompatible with the 6Gv2.

After googling some more I found pictures of a 6Gv2 set here. The guy also has an interesting set of keyboard pictures too :).

I tried contacting him but it doesn't appear he speaks English.

So after that long description, will there be a full 6Gv2 Engraved Set available or should I just pull the trigger on the 7G set?

Thanks for your time!

I saw a SteelSeries red infilled set on TaoBao a while back, which was otherwise identical to the 6gv2 set you linked. I can't find them at the moment as TaoBao is taking ages to load. You might ask in the Elite e-sports sub forum here.

Yeah I think I've seen that somewhere but I read from a couple of posters in a thread (forget which but will try to find) that the red infilled sets fade =(


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