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Custom Keycaps for Unicomp BSs?



maybe some of you remember me from my thread about the 122-Key Terminal Emulator from Unicomp.
The thing is, I just ordered it, and am already thinking about customizing it in some way. I would definitely love to have a titanium ESC key or something, but I'm not quite sure, whether it's possible to get Titanium keys at all, especially for buckling springs. I absolutely love the keys of clickclack too, but the keys he sells on are not for Model M or Unicomps.
As an alternative I've been thinking about creating a key with, but I'm not quite sure, if they produce them precisely enough to fit, as you always see the printing layers and I couldn't decide for a material. Does anyone here know, where to get such a key for BS, or has experiences with such a 3d printing service?

Gee, I think I'm infected by geekhack. Some months before I not even knew about mechanical boards except the Razer, and now I already spent around 200$ (99$ for the board + shipping and taxes and a teensy controller for USB support for my notebook) for a keyboard and want to customize it...
What is this place doing to me?
Nevermind, I love it here.



could you use a procedure similar to what I did here to modify a Cherry or Alps key to work on a BS board?

wow, that's a lot of text, and it's been hard to work through all this (somehow it's hard to read a complicated text in a foreign language which is filled with lots of special vocabulary when it's 23:13 pm and you've been up since 03:00 am ;-) ).
But as far as I can understand basically what you point out is, that I should glue the stem of a BS key into the new one? *facepalm* I can't believe I didn't think of that.

So this might work. But still I would love to have a titanium key, and gluing a stem into that one would be, umm, problematic I guess.

But at least I have a starting point now. Thanks!


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