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Looking for White PBT Engraved w/ Korean legends for ISO Filco.


Hi, new to the forums.

I have been reading around for the past week trying to find exactly what i'm looking for but it seems extremely difficult. Ripster's "White Ninja" [link] looks great and is similar to what i have been wanting except for the English language legends and that it is ANSI. I would like Korean only legends for a Filco Tenkeyless ISO or would maybe settle for English/Korean mix legends. I have seen Leopold's double injection key caps [link] but i would much prefer white on white engraves and ideally Korean only legends.

Can i get some help with this? I have found a couple of companies who will make almost exactly what i want but i don't have $3150 or $800 as they are quoting me. I must be looking in the wrong places so could do with some guidance or advice.


Cheers, Ripster. I'll get on to them about it and see what they can do. It looks as though i will have to get my own Blank White PBT ISO keys and send them off to WASD for the etchings, along with the Hangul symbols and alignment etc. Now i just need to get a Blank White PBT ISO set. Seems like there are some other people in a similar boat...


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