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Typing on the bad boy now.  =-D  More later.

It is definitely loud.

Congrats on your new purchase!

Try not to wake the neighbors . . .  :shock:

I also can't wait to hear what you say about it. I remain a little skeptical about them.

What's the difference between the model M buckling springs with this mechanical switches???

I'm loving the way this keyboard feels, but there is a LOT of side-to-side play in the keys that make it feel a bit too loose and wild.  The plastic case does look and feel cheap exactly as other reviews have stated.  I don't think this detracts from the experience of using the keyboard, because while it isn't a brick, it weighs enough to stay planted.  The plastic quality is something that bothers you whenever you have to pick it up. The plastic flip up legs are sturdy enough, but look and feel VERY cheap.  

Makes me feel a little goofy for spending so much on it but it performs fairly well once you get used to the side-to-side play in the keys.  And...I don't think I was going to get to type on one anywhere before I bought it anyway so I took the plunge.

As a straight up replacement for the dogmeat keyboard I was using (previous gen apple wireless keyboard) it is light-years ahead.  I am blaming that keyboard specifically for my RSI in my left wrist.  I'll probably use this one for a long time, but who old style SMK-88 with blue cherrys is SUPPOSED to be on it's way here (AHEM!).  

Oh yeah, and (again for the cost) I don't understand why they didn't build a USB hub into the keyboard so it takes only one USB port on the host.  1 USB 1.0 plug hooks up the keyboard, 1 USB plug simply extends another USB port to the side of the keyboard.  A CHEAP two port hub could shrink the diameter of the cord by half as well as the USB footprint of the device.  I actually use the keyboard's USB port...I have a kid with an iPod shuffle.

It's clicky, feels good, it is a major improvement, but it could be better...especially at this price.  I got mine VERY slightly used for $100 -- retails for $150 and I dont' think they are available again yet.  Good price for this particular keyboard, I just think Matias could have done a better job of it for what they are asking for it.


iMav, if we do a live exchange, I'll tote the Tactile Pro 2.0 so you can have a look/feel.


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