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I got a hold of Cherry today

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Someone from Cherry got back to me, a guy named Ed, and he told me that Cherry doesn't even make a keyboard for the US with the blue stems. He said they do for other countries, because there isn't to much demand for the clicky style switches in America anymore. he said they are are still in high demand in Europe, though. He pointed me to DAS keyboard II for the blue sliders, and this was the only one he was aware of that uses these switches. This is weird, because on the DAS II site, they have a picture of the black stemmed Cherry switch, but we all know that one clicks. He never heard of the iOne Scorpious M10.

So there you have it, we'll all have to plan a great exodus and travel the world in favor of clicky keyboards.

So we *think* the Scorpius M10 has Cherry blues, and the Cherry guy says Das Keyboard II has'em, even though the Das Keyboard website shows a picture of a black Cherry switch.

Now what about Cherry brown MX switches (light tactile?). What keyboards have these? It seems the Kinesis contoured boards have them, if is to be believed. But any others? The only confirmed ones I can find find are some versions of the Filco Majestouch. You'd figure Cherry itself would make some boards wtih the brown switches. But I can't figure out which ones they would be.

So I've been trying to decide whether I want to spring for a Filco Majestouch. It would be extremely expensive to get it through, what with sales commsission and shipping added to the basic cost. I've been googling looking for reviews of the Majestouch, and most of the sites that come up are Japanese.

This blog, in English, shows a Majestouch in brushed aluminum. But I can't find it on the Diatec web site. Looks sorta like the SteelSeries 7G with wristrest attached.

And there was a Japanese blog containing an entry about the purchase of a Majestouch which, when translated by Google, reads:

"The design is simple, it was bought. Repentance is not."

God, I love that.


--- Quote from: mr_sf_applet ---So we *think* the Scorpius M10 has Cherry blues, and the Cherry guy says Das Keyboard II has'em, even though the Das Keyboard website shows a picture of a black Cherry switch.
--- End quote ---

From this thread:

"Just for everyone's information, Barry Little (of Barry's Rigs and Reviews) just confirmed for me that the Scorpius M10 keyboard uses the BLUE Cherry keyswitches. These are the tactile keyswitches...the ones that I think would be the most preferable for the clicky lovers.

Yeah, I remmember that, actually, But I hedged with the "*think*" because of our collective experience with the SMK-85 and with DSI boards in general, which seem to change up on their switches with every full moon. But yeah, I think, especially with karlito's confirmation, that it's a safe bet that if you ordered a Scorpius M10 today, you'd get blue Cherry MX switches.

I've been looking more into the Filco Majestouch. Seems they come with either black or brown Cherry MX switches. No blue that I can see.

And I did get a quote from Shopping Service Japan. The Filco FKB-86E, which is the compact 86-key English keyboard that may have Alps sliders, is sold out, they said. The Filco Majestouch FKBN104M/EB -- wired version (USB w/ PS/2 adapter) with brown Cherry MX switches and N-key rollover -- would cost, after commsission and shipping, $195 by bank wire transfer or $205 by PayPal.

Gulp. They give you 24 hours to pay or the order will be "nullified." I don't think I'm *that* curious about brown Cherry MX's, not to the tune of $205, but I have about 7 more hours to decide.

That's what I paid for my HHKB Pro 2 on eBay ... If you buy it, I will be really interested in your thoughts on it.

I like this wave of interest in Cherry on this site now after we all have had our hands on them. It would be funny if we turned out to the "old men" who sit high in mountains and dictate future keyboard trends, you know, like the guys in X-Files who planned everything from wars to football games.


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