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Whiskey in the Jar-o:
So I've pulled off the keycaps of my Northgate board, and just type directly on the switches. They feel so much softer and tactile this way. Using way less force, and no noise except for the click - none of that hitting bottom thud. I think I figured it out. The keycaps have way to much horizontal play in them. So if you don't hit precisely in the middle, the down motion becomes stiff. When there are no keycaps, you are forced to hit in the middle, else you won't  make it at all. My PLUM board with Cherry ML keys has the same problem, except it's much worse. The keycaps are oversized and the connection between the keycap and slider is not very solid. When hitting the corner of the key, it feels like the keycap will yank off the slider. Hmm... maybe I should try one of those new Apple aluminium keyboards. Anyway, typing directly on the switches is probably not a good idea. The internals are exposed to dust and lint, and may actually gum up after a while.

Can anyone suggest a name for what I'm doing? How about, bareback typing, capless typing, naked typing, bare typing, skinny typing, etc...  

Perhaps the tactiliy has something to do with physical sharpness of the sliders themselves. Maybe I should just type on nails (the blunt end).

Sounds like a perfect use of a member poll.

My vote?  Bare-hacking.  ;)

Dirty typing

Typing Wide Open


Going Commando

I second Going Commando, that's the best one so far.


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