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Keyboard of the month - December - Winner announced!

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The Poll
Sirs, ma'ams, ladies and gents, here is the vote for December's keyboard of the month. Find the original thread here ->

The nominees are:

Lastpilot's GON with White POM keycaps

More images here -

Photekq's 360c with 3100SAU/1191HBU caps

(sorry, had to upload it to imgur because I hate flickr)

More images here - and here -

Billnye's Viper with vintage blacks and caps from a HEU board

More photos here -

Honorable mention to Booper for this amazing gif of her Poker:

The voting will last until 00:00 PST on the 7th of this month! Thank you to Hoff infiniti :p for adding a poll to this thread and thank you guys for voting!

I shall announce the winner on the 8th and I shall post the winner again at the start of January's nominations!

Please post any feedback you have in the KOTM feedback thread here ->

Is there going to be an actual "poll" poll, or do we just say "I vote for Lastpilot's GON with White POM keycaps"?

I vote for photekqs 360c, if we just comment and there is no real poll.

billbong all the way

I've added to poll. Vote away!


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