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Hi everyone!


I'm relatively new to the custom keyboard hobby. I'm from Korea, home of Geonworks.
My first mechanical keyboard was a Corsair Strafe with mx reds from 2016, which still actually works without any issues.
My first 'custom' keyboard was the Pulsar PCMK 60% that I got in March of 2022.
The second custom keyboard, and the first proper one was the Keychron V1 that I got in September of 2022, which I gave to my brother.
The third and current custom keyboard is the Frog TKL from Geonworks that I got in November of 2022. It's F13 WKL, with SWK x OUTVA Yin tactiles and PBTfans Klein Blue keycaps.
And I am currently eyeing a Kalamcult No.2 TKL, which I hope could be my last board.
Hope I get along nicely!


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