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Keyboard without any noise up to 20 kHz

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Thx for the link. I'll try it there, now.

...just to show you some of the other stuff that's out there. i wasn't saying these are totally silent.

- my keyboard has no LEDs except for the tiny ones built into the promicro controllers
- my mouse, does have LEDs on the pcb but i do not use them, shy of the one for the optical sensor in the mouse

That's what I asked them already. Looking for a silent keyboard up to 20 kHz.
The specification is simple:
1. Very high-quality gaming keyboard.
2. No unwanted noise emission up to 20 kHz.
No further discussion necessary!

Why not just use... any keyboard without LED vomited all over it? It's not like you can't game without a rainbow below your fingers.


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