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Keyboard without any noise up to 20 kHz

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here's a recording of the ambient noise in my office. you'll probably have to amplify it to be able to hear it. no adjustment or manipulations were made to the file. (approx. 30 seconds)

yes, it's annoying but you tune it out or focus on something else.

Honestly? Are you kidding?
There are devices (monitors, mice, keyboards), that do NOT emit hearably noise.
Is it my fault, that I have good ears? No, I don't think so.

I am working as a softwaredeveloper, most of the time in homeoffice in a very quite environment. Therefore I can expect the modern devices to be silent, when there is no noise output expected. Right?
I am even willing to pay much more than the average consumer for it, I suppose.
Use a noise canceling headphone... *lol*
I love classical music and listening to a good headphone (the STAX SR-X9000 for instance) is standard. And you are telling me, I should use noise cancelling headphone.... man, do you understand the issue here?
We are talking about *unwanted* noise, caused by cheap circuitry design and/or poor quality components in consumer articles.

i know exactly what you're talking about. don't think there's any way to get rid of it shy of using no "gamer" components at all.

--- Quote ---We are talking about *unwanted* noise, caused by cheap circuitry design and/or poor quality components in consumer articles.

--- End quote ---

yes, and you will find this in 99.9% of all products.

...STAX SR-X9000... (a little jealous)

here's mine.

Yes, I am really annoyed by this. This noise issue issue on keyboard, monitors and mice is rather new. 60 hz monitors and kyeboards/mice without led-lights are often very silent.
Most of the time "pulse-width modulation" is the cause for the noise.
And it could be dealt with, if the manufactures would raise the frequencies to, let's say, over 30 kHz. But this would require a bit more thought and money. That's the problem here.
The people, who decide, what to buy (the consumers) and those who build(design the products (engineers and finally the financepeople) have in mote cases a rather dull hearing or are just blind deaf or dull.
And yes, this makes me kind of angry.

Sidekick, does anyone think of animals, like cats or dogs, who are very sensitive to noise? 20 to 22 kHz  is our human limit. But we should go far further.
Technical arguments like "noise cancelling headphone" etc... aaah, no! I am just not willing to accept this.

So, still no suggestions which devices are silent?


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