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Custom split ortholinear ergo keyboard

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Is this close to what you want?  I made these a few years ago.

Overall they worked really well but I never got used to switching between this layout and a laptop so they've been sitting on a shelf since then.


--- Quote from: theKM on Tue, 24 March 2020, 07:22:27 ---Must have function row?... I concur with others, it's cruft that you will be much better with layering magic. Hitting function keys has never been easier for me than with a 50% board and QMK. With something like the Iris, I can hit ctl+alt with my thumb, hole a layer shift with my pinkie which puts the function keys on the number row or even under my right hand like a number pad. Putting function keys where regular keys are, I've never hit them as quick and easy as I can now.

The whole "I can't possibly live without the (whatever) keys"... is only heard by people that haven't given layering an honest shot. Usually it's the arrow keys... set up tap/mod with your pinkie that puts the arrow keys literally under your fingers on the home row, it makes moving your hand to dedicated arrow keys really quite silly in comparison.

--- End quote ---
I think most people start out this way, with some reservations because they are so used to their existing keyboard. For me, it was losing my arrow keys. Once you get over the mindset that you don't have to "see" the keys, and you get the hang of layers, it becomes easier and preferred. I also did away with a dedicated number row.  Just takes time to rewire the brain and be comfortable with something that isn't a traditional keyboard.

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I know this is old (and also haven't read all of this topic), but maybe someone else is still looking for something like this. - "It is based on the ErgoDox, . It's main features/differences are: extra top row for F1-F12 keys "

BTW, I like layers, but also dedicated F keys, because two mods plus F key is enough simultaneous keys for me. I don't want to make that a four key combo. What I can live without is a number row, so I have F keys there (on an Ergodox EZ).

Hi @t42, great link.

I bought a Kinesis Advantage 2 a while ago - actually 2 of them, but I'm traveling a LOT lately and the laptop keyboards are driving me nuts. (I travel with a Mac and a PC. A real bonus would be a keyboard with a USB switcher in it). Yea, it's getting bigger.

So I'm looking for a "Flat advantage2".

I like your design, but the lack of the escape key in the upper left may kill me though.

One reason for dedicated F keys: CAD. You generally have your right hand on the mouse, and often hit an F key with the left. That's hard to chord.

== John ==

Hi John,

it's not my design, just something I stumbled upon somewhere and bookmarked.

Yeah, I 'd prefer a complete upper row, too.(Not for ESC which I like to have closer, but I'm sure I'd find a use for it.  :) )  It would also look better.


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