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Suggestion for a ISO keyboard with Teal color


My eyes are currently on Iron 165 but it is still too expensive. Help me, please!!

You could always get a cheaper keyboard than just get it cerakoted teal if you are looking for something cheaper, there are shops that do that just not sure about the quality of the cerakote.

Also imo the iron165 isn't a very good keyboard, I wouldn't consider it.

If you can pick up a decent Peacock Blue Lynn Montage around $200-250 (perhaps $300-350 if it looks great in pics) I would consider that a fair deal. I wouldn't pay more since the qc isn't the absolute greatest, the anodization can have splashing/banding on the bottom, top/bottom mismatch and so on. Mine is cerakoted and while the finish looks fine, the board has a few machining dings, one of which is visible inspecting from the side as well as a bit of acne (pitting) on the back :'( I'll excuse it for the time being since the price I paid for mine was good for a 3 Kg TKL despite the flaws making it a C-Stock, or B-stock if I'm being extra generous.
Matrix has a much nicer Peacock finish, but good luck finding a 1.2 under $700, especially with that finish.
The Zoom65 also has a teal color, but it seems a lot different than the finish you mention on the Iron.
A Suave Blue KFE is also something to consider.

I think Rhienfo has the right idea, get an affordable board and cerakote it teal if you can't find any teal boards you like within your price range.

Scratch all that, just saw you posted on the Cycle8 which also has a Peacock finish, it might just blow everything else out the water in terms of price/quality ratio, especially if you value finishing quality.


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