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Welcome to Pexons Workshop

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to have a look at whats to offer. I can supply a high quality cabling solution for any situation. As well as offering
cabling, I can offer PC modding services, painting, keycaps (coming soon) and vinyl wrapping.

Order Forms:-

Custom Keyboard USB Cables Order Form

Custom PC Cable Order Form

Custom Clothing Interest Form

Custom Cable Request Order Form (Anything not shown)

If you are intersted in custom cables, take a look below at the varieties I can offer:-

-USB cables (USB A to Mini B) for GH60, Phantom, Korean Customs, Poker etc

-USB cables (Choose from USB, Mini USB Micro USB, male or female)

-Filco replacement cables (Direct replacement, plug into housing on PCB)

-Phone and tablet cables (iPhone, HTC, Samsung etc)

-Audio cables, for DAC, Amps, receivers etc. (any termination i.e. RCA, XLR, jacks, DIN etc)

-PC cabling (Inc. SATA, Molex, 24 Pin, GPU, EPS, fans etc)

-PS2 Cables

-Detachable cables

I can offer Techflex and Paracord sleeving as standard along with youe chouce of shrink tubing, so every cable is unique to you.

As well as offering Techflex and Paracord, I can offer a selection of premium sleeving options, as below:-

-MDPC (plastic/PET type sleeving, best quality, good colours, small additional cost).

-Shakmods (plastic/ PET type sleeving no additional cost)

-Paracord (soft, fabric material no additional cost)

-Special sleeving (teflon, carbon etc, ask for quote)

If you are planning on ordering multiple cables, high end cabling or are a repeat customer, I can offer a discount and loyalty scheme.

If you are interested in examples, take a look throughout the thread. There are examples of various sleeving materials, variety of colours, length and terminations! See something you like, give me a message or email

How do I make my cables?

I source all of my components used to make my cables, in the UK, where possible. Parts such as obscure sleeving, terminations or MDPC sleeving all come from within the EU.

How do I make the Cables?

I use a Toolcraft solder station, Audiophile Grade solder, namely, CARDAS Audio Quad, GENUINE Rosin Flux, Isopropyl Alcohol to clean soldered joints. I used 3:1 ratio heatshrink, gold terminations as standard, on ALL terminations. I can use standard metal terminations, if you wish. For the hoods, I can offer clear, black and grey, on request, at a small additional cost. Any questions, give me a shout.

Thanks for stopping by and TAKE CARE! :D

Some more examples of my work!  ;D

I'm testing some phone cables at the moment, so I'll report back when I've got them bang on... Heres a little teaser




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