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Thanks for the continued support everyone as of today, I am happy to announce we now have a vendor forum to support our products and an easier way for you to get in contact with us, ask questions and order something new.

We are also announcing our new webstore, this is easier for you guys to order a cable, accessory or set of key switches. In stead of filling out a confusing order form (some people couldn't get to grips with it) you can now simply choose what you want from a selection of cable varieties and choose your colour. We are also happy to announce that we have lowered our prices too, 15GBP for a simple USB Mini cable (with NO heatshrink) and 22 for a Filco cable. We are still offering a despoke service for custom lengths, terminations and so on.

We will not be offering angled stock cables, however we will be adding accessories such as left and right angled mini USB B adapters, so you have more options when it comes to your nice new cable.

Keep an eye out for new products, accessories and key switches coming soon. We have a small amount of Cherry MX Linear Grey avaliable, but we will be getting Clear, Green etc, as well as switch stickers, mods and springs.

Thanks for stopping by. If you would like to get in conact with us, here are a few options.

Our new webstore is now live....


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