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Just thought I would let you guys know about a few changes I am making, mainly to make it easier for me to keep track of orders and things out to you guys faster.

First off, I am having 1 postage day a week, this will on monday. All cables ordered (apart from special requests/ sleeving) will be sent out on a monday, with a lead time of <1 week. For example, if you order a cable on a wednesday and the colour/ sleeving/ request is not anything out of the ordinary, it will be posted the following monday. This basically means you will get your cable quicker than ever before.

Lead time for orders has been around 1-3 weeks and I'm aware that this is a little long. I have made some changes to get my work out to you guys faster, I for one get itchy feet when waiting for shiny new stuff and I am sure you guys are the same!

I am also going to be making invoices for every order, these will be added to all orders from this week and into the future. Again, this enables me to keep track of orders and get them out faster. At times, I was taking orders from the website, order forms and PMs, a few orders would also slip my mind (I'm sorry if you waited longer than anticipated), but this is 100% a thing of the past. I endevour to make my service more streamlined, professional and FASTER.

I am more than happy to continue custom work, be it custom PSU sleeving, special sleeving options and so on. If you are interested in custom work, I will write an invoice and offer your custom order through my site ( This enables me to print the order off from the site and not loose track, as I said, I may have 20 cables/ orders to make, when things are busy, its hard to keep track. When I have a physical copy, its easier to keep track of it and mark when its made, packed and sent.

Thanks for your time and patience, but from now on all orders will be made, packed and shipped faster than ever before.

Onwards and upwards!

pexon AKA James

Sounds good - glad you are experiencing success :)


--- Quote from: rowdy on Wed, 02 October 2013, 05:59:26 ---Sounds good - glad you are experiencing success :)

--- End quote ---


All the best mate!

Thanks for the kind comments guys, I REALLY appreciate it. It can be hard working on my own with so much going on, but I learn new stuff everyday and having an awesome community behind me really means a lot!  :thumb:

Good you're starting to sound like a hard working professional, which is great to hear  :thumb: .

Organization is your number ONE best friend - if you ever ignore him then the business suffers like hell, always keep him happy and valued and you might be soaring the six figure highway to success.

Above all else just LOVE what you're doing, otherwise it's nothing but a waste of your time and energy.  I hope you get to where you want to be.


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