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The Corne OB is a low profile Corne (CRKBD) variant for Kailh Chocolate switches. It has an integrated ATMega32U4 microcontroller and OLED screen (no modules or Pro Micro sockets) so it is only 8mm thick, not including the connectors. It features an anodized aluminum case and a deluxe shine through back plate.
We have units in stock, tested, and ready to ship from the US-NY.

Thanks for the announcement!

Want to share my keyboards, ThumbsUp! v2:

I have thee sub-variants of the same board, differing in MCU only: RP2040, ProMicro and compatibles, and on-board AtMega32U4.
Can be  turned into a wireless/Bluetooth with nice!nano instead of ProMicro with hardware power switch.
Default firmware is built with QMK, for the nice!nano I got a ZMK config.

Supports Cirque Glidepoint trackpad (under the top panel in the middle.)
Default layout allows using without mouse.

Announcing city42 Low Profile Unibody Split
The city42 is a unibody split, ergonomic, low profile keyboard with a Corne-inspired layout and an integrated Cirque trackpad. It has a CNC-machined aluminum case and an RP2040 processor. Prototype units are available now with production units available through a wait-list (not a pre-order or group buy).
Prototypes will ship the next business day. Production units are on order and should ship in October 2023.


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