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Happy April 19 everyone.  I have a small batch of lightly themed escape blanks available FCFS, link above.  These are GMK profile with inset MX stems.  Might be a little snug at first fitting.  Thanks for looking!

Hello, I have a small blind-bag raffle sale for the next 24h for GMK R1 profile blanks.  See top post for full info, and thanks for looking.

Gallery is here:
Form is here:   

Raffle currently open for a batch of new things, see top post for info.  Thanks for looking  :thumb:

Awesome cap man! I love the OG Dr. Mario colors & agree they would have to come first, but I think this cap would go great in some other colorways also. Anyways really cool work, I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for your raffles in the future!

Monochrome sale is up.  Form: closed


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