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Title: Elgato Substitute
Post by: Swager101 on Fri, 19 November 2021, 09:16:55
Wanted to try out this hobby and figured a good way to start is with an Elgato substitute. I did a little research and found the Switch top (3x3). Is this a good way to go? Or would you recommend going with a keypad layout? If so what would recommend, I am trying to stay under $50 for the entire project. Once this is all found is there a good software to program all of this?
Title: Re: Elgato Substitute
Post by: CosmosAtlas on Thu, 02 December 2021, 20:40:07
I would highly suggest this video for configuring your macro pad: (

The gist of the video is:

With this combination, you can basically have whatever macros you want as long as you know how to program things.

The good thing about this approach is, you can start toy around with the macros before you have your macro pad!