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--- Quote from: funkmon on Sat, 06 March 2021, 14:49:12 ---It's one I've always wanted in my collection; btw qwertz is the best layout.

--- End quote ---

Except the the fact that \ is an alt-gr key.... I don't miss that from my old computer (ps/s model 30 clone from about 1987). Sure was fun letting other people borrow it in college though :)

The fleet grows


Which one is your favorite?


--- Quote from: Chalkboard on Mon, 23 August 2021, 22:13:06 ---Which one is your favorite?

--- End quote ---

That's like choosing a favourite child. I'll break it down as such:

* Type I (top-left): most well built and heavy
* Type II (t-r): most sentimental since it was my first Model M
* Type III (m-l): best sounding
* Type IV (m-r): coolest looking, no need for active conversion since PS/2 and have a PS/2 port on my PC
* Affirmative Type IV (b): blends in the most with the rest of my setup, no need for active conversion


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