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GEIST (former project-title: Gerät Eins)

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Sorry for the double post but I just tried to implement nevin's design suggestion and it works very well - I took a low profile rotary encoder from Alps and there's still plenty of room left within the dial diameter.

great! looks good.

do you have a rendering with caps? even dark charcoal or black blanks?

btw.... love the look/styling of this board.

Thanks man.

Yeah, here's a shot with a set I'm testing especially for this project, it's called "Binär" - I used blank sets before so without symbols works for me personally.

Any suggestions for other sets are welcome.

yep. that's what i was thinking.... something very low contrast, if any mod colors, very dark and very subtle.
very nice. dsa?

yeah right - the whole theme is premium and sophisticated without being apple-ish but more like a movie prop from Dark Knight, Ex-Machina, Gattaca etc. Yup, dsa - I think it fits more to the nature of the case - straight lines and all caps replacecable because not sculpted.


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