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[VIDEO] 9 and 6 year old girls build a keyboard!



This is just a proud dad post to be honest.  I tried to walk my kids through an entire keyboard build, and show them all of the dirty tricks that I've learned over the last few months exploring this hobby.  It was a fun ride, and while there are a million technical mistakes (in build and in the filming of the video), the final keyboard came out as good as could be expected!

Some items detailed the video that might be of particular interest or add something to the communal knowledge base:

- UHMW variant of the Holee stabilizer mod shown in detail
- Soldering Tutorial (trying to teach a 9 year old to solder for the first time revealed a lot of beginner pitfalls and fixes)
- Case mod for O-Ring gasket mount on a standard 60% while using screw in Durock V2 stabilizers.

Use the time-stamps in the description to forward to these points of interest in the long video!

This is grade A parenting. Good on you for teaching without smothering and generally supporting their interests!

Some of the things they say is absolute gold: "today sounds boring, so I use 'the day before next'"  ^-^

Also.. a ring pop for a lube palette?? Genius!


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