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Filming/lubing Gateron Black

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Hello! I have about 80 standard black switches by Gateron (not the Ink) and a hot-swap keyboard with less than 50 switch sockets.

Is filming and lubing, and changing springs to those Gateron blacks worth it? I have recently tried the JWK/Durock pre-lubed L4 and they are quite good stock, I am wondering if all considered (price of components, shipping, time, final result compared to what could be achievable with newer switches) it is worth doing.

I am aware it's not a technical question with a definite answer, but I would really appreciate it if you could share your opinion. What would you do in my place (if you had the time to film/lube)?

I think lubing is definitely worth it, but filming may not be necessary. Films are cheap but a bit annoying to put in imo, and Gateron switches usually are fine.

Why is filming tricky? I have read comments about films getting out of position when the switch is closed, is that the issue?

Would cherry hyperglide blacks need filming?


--- Quote from: phinix on Sat, 22 January 2022, 15:10:13 ---Would cherry hyperglide blacks need filming?

--- End quote ---

No Cherry and Gateron are fine the top housing is not loose like some JWK housings.


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