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Recommendation - Custom board or PCB only - Wireless AND QMK


Hi there,

to fullfill this requirements seems not to be easy at the moment.
I am using for work a Win PC and an iPad in parallel. Currently with a Keychron K3, which works flawlessly.
Further a Mac without an option to connect any keyboard via cable (not technically, but how it is positioned).
I tried out a Drop Planck and was very fine with, but I do not see any chance to get an ortho wireless board even by a group buy soon.
The reasons for QMK is, I plan to switch to Colemak DH and doing key mapping separately on all the devices looks to be a pain.
So for the moment I found only the KBD67 lite, but the case design is not my favourite.
Right today I realised Keychron seem to make their "normal" ranges QMK compatible. They announced the K8 Pro, which is finally a K8 with QMK.
Hope they are doing a K6 Pro as well. Preferred would be they make their Qx Series wireless.
Anyway - all future options.
So any recommendations for a custom board despite the KBD67 lite and currently available?

thx in advance

I don't do wireless boards, I don't trust anyone but Logitech for wireless, but the moment you want wireless all your choices go right out the window, you're often lucky if more than 2 boards in productions meet your requirements.

Throw in Covid scarcity and supply chain woes and you're lucky if one one of them is in stock and not back ordered.


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