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[GB] GLOVE x Domikey Link Fire Cherry profile keycaps



Domikey x Glove Link Fire Cherry Profile keycaps

After SA APES TIME, GLOVE team and Domikey start a new design project - Link Fire.

'Before the world was formed, there weren't any lives except trees and immortal ancient dragons. No days and nights. However, one day, the unknown fire was burnt under a tree, which divided the world into day and night. Creatures seem to be awakened by the fire, tethering from here and there. '

The image blooms into their mind when GLOVE team plays Dark Souls III. Then, Link Fire project starts.

GLOVE team and Domikey collaborated already two beautiful keycaps in SA profile. They decided to try something new. Cherry profile is a new keycap line of Domikey. Then Link Fire on Cherry profile is coming.


Cherry profile (sculpted 1-1-2-3-4-4)
Compatible with Cherry MX and clones
ABS plastic
Doubleshot legends\Tripleshot Jan legends
Stripe bottom

GB ends on 15th April
Estimated delivery in August

KPrepublic will keep update LINK FIRE in discord. Join and follow the updates.


GB strats NOW!




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