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500+ photos of my IBM Keyboards


Someone recently requested to use some of my IBM keyboard photos for their web site, with attribution.

To share this collection all in one place with everyone, below is my album of 500+ photos of my IBM keyboard collection, available on Flickr in full resolution.

Please note that almost all of these keyboards are no longer in my collection so I have nothing available for sale any more.

Many were taken with Nikon DSLR cameras. IBM Model M, IBM Model F, and IBM beam spring keyboards, including NOS keyboards, NOS IBM XT keyboard interior only, 1390131 retail packaging including power cord for the chassis and booklets, M13, Industrial SSK, 101-key Model M 1390401, 4704 F50 / F77 / F107, 1392980, F122, F104 Unsaver, terminal, and many others. The files are not named by keyboard model, alas.

kinda crazy you don't have most of them anymore but good stuff


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