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Gateron Oil King Linear Switch




* Housing Material: PA66
* Stem material: POM
* Linear switch
* Spring length is around 20mm
* Black plated spring
* Factory lubed
* Actuation force: 55+/-10 gf
* Bottom Force: 65+/-10 gf
* Pre-travel: 1.8+/-0.4mm
* Total travel: 4.0+/-0.4mm
* Operating life: 60 Million clicks
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A brief experience on Oil King

Like its name, Gateron Oil King is really oily. It is factory lubed. Honestly, it may be treated as over-lubed when you get it at the beginning.

Typing feels smooth and quiet.

POM stem and PA66 housing make the Oil King more stable and rigid. The switch uses the whole black design. Even its spring is black plated.


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