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How come not a place to talk about switches!


Just want to know how many types of switches the community can recommand  :)

granola bar enthusiast:
topre my beloved

besides the wonderous topre, i love the CJ switches from Gateron thanks to their great smoothness both stock and modded and naturally high-pitched sound. For MX-style tactiles, the Cotton Candy's are by far my fav switch, JWK nylon housing + light bump = perfection.

I'm really fond of zealPC's new Clickiez switches, along with his pearlios. Boba U4ts are a really nice switch as well if you want something in the tactile range. I love ALPS as well. Orange alps are really delicious switches, and ALPS clickies are best in class for relatively easy to obtain clicky switches.

I just love whatever long pole tactile stems you can jam in a t1 or zeal bottom.
Currently running purple panda stems in a t1 nylon bot,plus a cherry top. My tactile equivalent of a bcp


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