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IBM Model M: Caps Lock without step?

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I'd like a Caps Lock key without its right-side step on my IBM Model M, like it such key is shaped on the Filcos (among others).  The step is there to avoid pressing Caps Lock by accident, but since I've remapped it to Control, I'd like an easier access.  Even more so since I sometimes have to press Control + Shift, and left Shift is narrower on ISO (European) keyboards.

I thought about swapping Caps Lock with some other key, but it seems it's not doable.

Any suggestions?  Thanks.

From another thread:

--- Quote from: sixty;242780 ---Finding a non stepped key is nearly impossible.

Read on webwit's quest here:
--- End quote ---

Fill the step with epoxy putty  ... :-P


--- Quote from: Findecanor;263555 ---Fill the step with epoxy putty  ... :-P
--- End quote ---

Compared to getting my hands on a Japanese keyboard, this seems an easier option.  Any suggestion about materials to use to make a mould?  What about getting a rougher typing surface (like Model Ms)?  Thanks.

With both Milliput and Tamiya's epoxy putty the consistency is like modelling clay. There is no need to make a mold. It takes about six hours to harden, and you can work it in that time. You use water to soften it.
You can cut off the excess with a knife, wet the surface and make it smoother with some flat object. A rough surface can be achieved by wetting it and stippling it with a hard brush (either a really well-used old brush and/ or one where you have cut the straws short).
Be sure to wipe off any excess putty with a wet towel or q-tips where you don't want it.

Of course, the curved surface of the key is not easy to change.. and the putty would have a different colour than the plastic. That is why there was a ':-P' in my post above ;-)


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