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ENDED!!! 12.2.11 Contest guesses

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And the winnah is... Kisakuku

It was not an easy contest to be sure and only a portion of the entrants seemed to find the question (around 20%) and only about half the people who found the question found it because of my hints.

So what was the "and a...???" part of the prize?

It's one free random key from one of my Topre compatible or Cherry compatible Factory 2nds grab bags.
Lets see here-
Topre bag...
Rustle-rustle-rustle, AH HA! A blue Topre Skull!

On to the MX bag...
Fooooosh!!!! Rustle-rustle-rustle, fumble, rustle, AH HA! A blue MX Skull!

Your pick Kisakuku.  =)

Obscure you say! HA! Well so are the prizes-
The winner will receive one red skull on black keycap in your choice of MX, Topre, or BS compatible switch and a...???

I will openly make fun of your guesses
Why? Because they lend themselves easily to it.

I will update this closed thread with the guesses and the eventual winnah...
Start shooting them PMs


It's not a Dell Latitude D630 , but a damn good guess!

Tons of guesses for:

"sixth sense"
"ghost keycap"

Both are way wrong, but one is WAAAAAAY more wrong than the other. LoL!  =P

Here is another insanely good guess-

"Dell Quiet Key"

Unfortunately it's not right.   =')

The funniest guess so far is-

"Filco Ninja" , not because of the guess, which is way wrong (yet oddly closer than most) but for the reasoning behind it! LoL, it was brilliant.

Another wrong guess is-

"zombie keycap"   on a side note, I sure do get lots of requests for zomie keys for some reason. XD


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