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in fact sorry for the double post, but here is what kurplop's wrist tent looks like right now. I seriously don't understand my laziness that led to this thing being packed away for 4 years and me not refinishing it. it probably one of the most original things i have in my collection.

2018-07-22_12-17-31 by almightyglod, on Flickr

I am using vi for many years and am loving it. I am trying to make ergodox layout that would follow the same principles: normal mode for movement and commands, insert mode for typing, you get the idea.

I am also struggling a bit with reachability of many keys. Only the closest button (space/enter on my layout) on the thumb cluster is really comfortable to press, the one next to it (backspace/delete on my layout) is already putting some strain on the thumb tendon and the others are just difficult. Surprisingly, I find it difficult also to press the innermost column of keys on each index finger (two vertical 2U keys + one 1U key on top of them), especially the 1U key in the corner. Originally, I put single-quote and back-tick on them, but as those are frequently used keys while programming in vi, I have moved them around quite a bit and numbers 5 and 6 ended up on those keys, now. Not sure how well will this setup work, will need to try it out for a while.

My current version of the layout is here:

There is 13 layers, but some of them are unused (in order to get the LEDs shining the way I want them to for specific layers, e.g. blue led only for `qwerty` a.k.a "insert mode" layer). For this reason, they are in a bit weird order as well. And then half of them are just mirror image of some other layer, because I want to be able to type using just one hand - it seemed like an useful thing, but I never used it really, so if it becomes too much pain without real benefits, I'll remove them in some future version.

Really interesting are just 4 layers, displayed on the picture below in a sensible order (see above):

Now, I am forced to use Mac at work for now, so the layout is Mac-specific. I am in process of getting Linux machine, so I plan to modify it for Linux then.

Also, I am a bit new to all this, so I still need to learn how to use QMK directly to write code specifying the layout. So that I can send multiple codes on single key-stroke (e.g. `C-a n` and `C-a p` for switching between tmux/gnu-screen windows, `C-w [hjkl]`, `C-w [HJKL]`, `C-w [_|=]` for manipulating vi windows, `:tabprev<CR>`, `:tabnext<CR>` for manipulating tabs, etc. - there is plenty of vi combo-hits to map: )

I am also thinking of getting it even closer to vi-like behavior by mapping e.g. `C-c` to Y letter in normal mode, but also e.g. maximizing window to `C-w _` (i.e. CTRL+W needs to switch layer, which maps underscore to maximize window shortcut used by window manager). Visual mode would be pretty difficult to do (if possible & practicable) - should V key in normal mode switch to separate layer, which makes SHIFT key depressed all the time (is something like this possible to do with QMK?).

Hi im super curious about the builds that done have an lcd screen or any led to let one know which layer is active. Can you please clarify this for me? Thanks in advance


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