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CLACKVENT radnelac II Holiday EVIL

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Now on post# 2696.
I have also changed the key from $65 to $40/$45.
Winner has been picked.

--- Quote from: ClackFactory on Sun, 27 March 2016, 23:21:23 ---2-2-16

Today's key is also $65 and in T stem flavor.

guh poolz-

1) When thread opens... POST!  *hint*- will be in a few minutes...
2) I will at random pick a winner for the day. (AKA- RNG)
3) Sit back and wait for me to pick a winner since I am so far behind. eeeEEEEEK!
4) I'm doing it this way since I'm behind and don't wanna end up making winners past orgy status. (4+ wins)

--- End quote ---


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