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SHKB: HHKB-controller with USB-C and 3-port 3.0 HUB

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I'm making a USB type-C controller with built in USB3 hub (5Gb/s) for the HHKB what is fully compatible with the current TMK/QMK-firmware and VIA-implementation. Project is still in development but current design is verified and working.

Some specs:

* 3 available USB3 ports, two external, one internal. Hub: TUSB8042
* ATMEGA32U4 for keyboard firmware (TMK/QMK)
* 900mA per port current limit on each downstream port using TPS2552D
* Will need modification of hhkb case because of the usb-c connector
Current status: Prototyping revision B3 with new component selection
Rev A: 5qt PCB's are currently being tested and used. Two HHKB JP, Three regular ANSI.
Rev B: Revision B3 is being tested. So far everything works well, but I've yet to test it with a proper high speed device on the USB-A ports.

Altium 3D view of latest revision:

Project on Github:
Designed in Altium 21

Sounds amazing! I would be interested in testing this out.

this is excellent! i would be quite interested in getting one of these for myself.

If this comes through, and works, I would buy a HHKB for this. This would make pretty much the perfect keyboard out of the HHKB, especially for those of us who like having quick USB 3.0 ports available, or use their keyboard with a laptop with limited Usb ports (2 for me).

I wish more build it yourself MX case/PCB designs were designed with extra ports, and based around USB-C; For my use case, at least, it increases the versatility of the board.

Necro-bumping. Finally got around to complete the design for a first prototype run. Got the cards, will start testing them in the coming weeks. We'll see how it turns out  :D


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