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[WTS] Keycult No.1 OG
« on: Sat, 26 September 2020, 14:17:36 »
Hey Guys,

I have a Keycult No.1 TKL, WK. This is the OG No.1, not a Rev.1. I am the original owner of this board, it has been built by /u/anthonyooiszewen The build video can be seen here:

The board has Vintage Blacks, with 68g Korean springs, the switches are also lubed. The spacebar as an MX Dark grey (linear) switch, with a slightly heavier 72g spring.

There are some minor flaws as this is the very first version of the board, there is some inconsistent coloring of the anode on the underside you can see in the photos. Also, there are two small places on the top right of the board where the anode has flaked off (I cannot even catch these with a nail, there is no scrape/ding of any kind).


I am only looking for paypal, no trades. Asking price is $2200

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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