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How does keyboard hobby compare to other ones?

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granola bar enthusiast:
i would consider this an "entry hobby" if there is one, not saying its super straightforward, or everyone is kind in it (well most are). but with it you can get interested in lots of other stuff, admittedly i'm not sure to even classify this as a hobby imo or at least for what i'm doing its more of an "addiction" or something to be a nerd while not knowing much at all about.


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--- Quote from: treeleaf64 on Mon, 04 July 2022, 14:17:56 ---not as technical as computer hobby  or programming ,   more design oriented like Car .   and also history related  like the car as well 
The collection is not valuable to the fingers  it is valuable to the mind

From The tree leaf.

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Definitely, the Automotive hobby is very similar to the KB hobby (or vice/versa)

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Less expensive than the car  : ) + no running cost

This is quite an interesting thread.

Keyboards as a hobby strikes me as much easier to enter than many others. The monetary costs are low. It's very easy to to get into the DIY aspect of it- a keyboard is fundamentally very simple to put together or modify from a kit or standardised parts and you don't need more than rudimentary manual skills and tools to work on them effectively. There's certainly nothing that approaches the aeronautics knowledge mentioned in the OP, or with analogue electronics which is required for designing audio.

I appreciate keyboards because I use them so much, more so than any other tool. They are easily the most tactile part of computer use. I can appreciate some of the history- they evolved noticeably (often for the worse) as I grew up. But at the same time, I can also understand why they are of no interest to most of the computer-using population.


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