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were @ the thai grocery store, in the chili aisle, picked up a small pack of chili, this middle-aged thai lady looked over and said, that's for girls, she grabbed a pack of this dark red almost purple pack, proclaiming this is for boys.

of course Tp4 being a very meager personality capitulated, agreed, and thanked her.

got home, started to make a batch of fermented Napa cabbage, massaged 2 single chili into the pot,

Hands are burning like they're being deep_fried right now..  It's been an hour.  God damn it....

Easy out. Just say that you're making it for your GF. Boom, then you can buy the chilis you want.

Tp4 = #Ronery4ever   

You missed one crucial thing for shopping - earphones.  Blocks out peer pressure along with crying babies, whiny toddlers and inane smalltalk in the queue :thumb:


--- Quote from: tp4tissue on Sat, 02 July 2022, 12:10:15 ---
this middle-aged thai lady

--- End quote ---

I used to work with a guy whose mother was a middle-aged thai lady, and she had trained him well.
It was astonishing to see him get a dish that was already insanely hot and drown it with additional habanero sauce.


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